A New Video!

Last March, Milwaukee’s Group of the Altos released a second full-length, R U Person or Not on mini50 Records and since, we’ve played SXSW, The Sh*tty Barn, for Alverno Presents (as part of the Grandma Sparrow’s “Piddletrator Orchestra”), on a boat in Lake Michigan and everywhere in between…

In the interim, we’ve been hard at work on a video for one of R U Person Or Not‘s most poignant songs, “Coplights”, on which we roll the tape, swell the emotions and tap into quiet introspection. Listen to the standalone track, here.

The accompanying video for “Coplights” is the prequel to 2012′s video for “Sing (for trouble)”; the cast of characters collide against happenstances and circumstances, winding through Wisconsin’s woods and waters, down gravel roads and through gritty alleyways.

Milwaukee Record writes, “Like “Sing,” the imagery employed in “Coplights” careens from magnificent to menacing, while melding natural beauty and wonder with cold industrial facades and television static.”

Watch Group Of the Altos’ video for “Coplights”

For information on the video for “Coplights”, contact Sean Williamson at worldwidedirt@gmail.com

For information on Group Of the Altos, contact thealtos@gmail.com

video credentials and accolades:

Directed and Edited By: Sean Williamson with Heather Hass and Shawn Stephany

Cinematography By: Sean Williamson and Heather Hass

Starring: Altos

additonal camera work by: Erik Ljung and Joe Kirschling

makeup + styling by: Gina Barrington

released: January 13, 2016

produced by World Wide Dirt

Watch Sean Williamson’s past + current film projects (including Heavy Hands and Kumar), here.


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On R U Person Or Not:

The Isthmus – “while each song here may differ wildly from the others, R U Person or Not is a strangely cohesive listen. More than any other record this year, this one feels human.”

The Shepherd Express – “Trading the intricately composed dirges of their debut LP for raucous, fire-breathing art rock, it’s some of the most immediate music they’ve ever made…”

Milwaukee Record - “Musically, Person is the tightest album in the Altos’ discography…full of end-of-the-world trumpets and primal drums (“Learning To Share”) and funky, off-kilter riffs (“Forgiveness Rules”). Coursing through it all (and especially on the lovely “Coplight”) is an otherworldly sense of a band expanding, reckoning with death, and reaching out in the darkness, hoping to find something resembling life.”

Milwaukee Magazine – “With their current line-up and material, Group of the Altos has to be the must-see Milwaukee band of this year.”

The Skinny - “R U Person or Not delivers a delicious headfuck. Buried deep within the layers of this remarkable record is poetry; poetry and courage, and an innate ability to connect at a deep and very human level.”

Please Join Us in Spring Green!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015, we will be playing a very special show at the Shitty Barn in Spring Green, Wisconsin. You can get tickets right here.

Granted, we almost always say that our shows will be very special. And while that is never a lie, in this case, it is most especially not a lie.

So first of all, Chris Rosenau will also be performing, doing the solo set he performed at the Eaux Claires Festival and at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee earlier this year. If you saw either of those, you know you want to see it again. And if you didn’t, then you most definitely want to see it. And Jon Mueller will be joining him on drums. So that should be enough reason to get you there.

Not quite sure why you didn’t stop at that last paragraph and go buy tickets, but we can offer a second reason. Spring Green is a beautiful place, and the Shitty Barn is the most beautiful place within that beautiful place. (Sorry Taliesin, but it’s true.) We always have a lovely and debaucherous time there, and you can stand around in the grass with us before and after the show, and we can all hang out and eat food and drink beer (that last bit only applies to the 21+ crowd of course).

We don’t understand exactly why you are still reading this and not off at that link above buying tickets, but here is a third reason to go. As we gaze ahead at our Alto Calendartm, we see nothing on the horizon. No shows whatsoever. Someone may ask us to do something that sounds really amazing sometime soon, but we have no way of predicting that. In fact, there is a good chance we may hibernate, make a record, and not play in public for quite a while after this. So if you want to see this set, you’d better get to Spring Green on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Doors are at 6. Bedtime is never.

Free Show This Sunday!

How would you feel about seeing us for free? Outdoors? With free hot dogs? Thought so. Well this coming Sunday, June 28, we will be playing the always amazing Jaill’s record release show at Just Art’s Saloon in Walker’s Point. The whole thing starts at 3pm. Sugar Stems and Head on Electric will also play. Get there early or else we’ll eat all the hot dogs.

Even Newer News

We have some shows coming up this summer! You can see us surrounded by art, water, or a barn. Take a look at our calendar to see when and where these things are happening, as well as how to get tickets.

Tons of News

So we have some news. Most of it is big. Maybe even huge. First, we have a new full-length record on Mini50 Records. It’s called RU Person or Not, and Milwaukee Record has already called it “an unhinged, unlikely masterpiece.” It will be available beginning February 23rd. We will play a release show with Dead Rider at Company Brewing on Saturday, March 14.

The February 23rd release date will also see the debut of “Forgiveness Rules” come alive in video format, directed by our own Heather Hass.

In between these momentous events, we will be merging into the Piddletractor Orchestra to perform with the one and only Grandma Sparrow. Who is he? Click here to start figuring that out. Then click here to buy tickets. This will only happen once. You should only skip it if you don’t want your brain to melt.

And if all that’s not enough, soon after we play our release show, we will gather our personal belongings and head to SXSW in Austin, Texas to play at the Hideout on March 18 at midnight. Then we will start drinking Lone Stars in the sun. Please join us for all of it.

Back At It!


Things have been quiet here at the Altos’ website. We played music for a movie over a year ago, and then there is just silence?! Have we given up? What happened? Where have we been? Did one soundtrack take it out of us? Although this website might give the impression of intense slacking, we have actually been incredibly busy. We wrote a bunch of songs. Then we played them into space-age recording machines. These recordings were “mixed.” They were also “mastered.” They will be available this winter. But this Saturday, October 11th, in the year of our lord two-thousand and fourteen, we will be performing many of these new songs in public for the very first time. With new members and special guests! This will happen at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 10pm Central Standard Time. The mighty Scrimshaw will also perform. We are excited. We are nervous. Many of us are having trouble sleeping. This is a big deal for us. Consider gracing us with your presence.

On Friday, October 4th, as the centerpiece event of the 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival, Altos will perform a live score to a rare 35mm print of Aleksandr Dovzhenko’s 1930 masterpiece, Earth. We are extremely proud and excited to have this opportunity. Watch a preview for the event above, and click here or here for tickets or more information. Infinite gratitude is due to Alverno Presents and Milwaukee Film for making this possible. Please join us at this one time only event.

Audiotree Live Session

On Saturday, the fine folks at Audiotree Music invited us into their Chicago studio to do a live session with them.  They recorded audio and visuals for the session, and streamed it live on their site.  If you missed it, you can hear the audio from the session here.  The edited video from the session will be uploaded shortly.

UPDATE: You can now watch the full session, complete with edited video here.

We hope you all enjoy the session, and our sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone at Audiotree.


and a new video!, by new friend Sean Williamson

Sing (for trouble)

so, sometimes we sound like this (if adam’s around)…and sometimes we look like this (if heather is)