A New Video!

Last March, Milwaukee’s Group of the Altos released a second full-length, R U Person or Not on mini50 Records and since, we’ve played SXSW, The Sh*tty Barn, for Alverno Presents (as part of the Grandma Sparrow’s “Piddletrator Orchestra”), on a boat in Lake Michigan and everywhere in between…

In the interim, we’ve been hard at work on a video for one of R U Person Or Not‘s most poignant songs, “Coplights”, on which we roll the tape, swell the emotions and tap into quiet introspection. Listen to the standalone track, here.

The accompanying video for “Coplights” is the prequel to 2012′s video for “Sing (for trouble)”; the cast of characters collide against happenstances and circumstances, winding through Wisconsin’s woods and waters, down gravel roads and through gritty alleyways.

Milwaukee Record writes, “Like “Sing,” the imagery employed in “Coplights” careens from magnificent to menacing, while melding natural beauty and wonder with cold industrial facades and television static.”

Watch Group Of the Altos’ video for “Coplights”

For information on the video for “Coplights”, contact Sean Williamson at worldwidedirt@gmail.com

For information on Group Of the Altos, contact thealtos@gmail.com

video credentials and accolades:

Directed and Edited By: Sean Williamson with Heather Hass and Shawn Stephany

Cinematography By: Sean Williamson and Heather Hass

Starring: Altos

additonal camera work by: Erik Ljung and Joe Kirschling

makeup + styling by: Gina Barrington

released: January 13, 2016

produced by World Wide Dirt

Watch Sean Williamson’s past + current film projects (including Heavy Hands and Kumar), here.


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On R U Person Or Not:

The Isthmus – “while each song here may differ wildly from the others, R U Person or Not is a strangely cohesive listen. More than any other record this year, this one feels human.”

The Shepherd Express – “Trading the intricately composed dirges of their debut LP for raucous, fire-breathing art rock, it’s some of the most immediate music they’ve ever made…”

Milwaukee Record - “Musically, Person is the tightest album in the Altos’ discography…full of end-of-the-world trumpets and primal drums (“Learning To Share”) and funky, off-kilter riffs (“Forgiveness Rules”). Coursing through it all (and especially on the lovely “Coplight”) is an otherworldly sense of a band expanding, reckoning with death, and reaching out in the darkness, hoping to find something resembling life.”

Milwaukee Magazine – “With their current line-up and material, Group of the Altos has to be the must-see Milwaukee band of this year.”

The Skinny - “R U Person or Not delivers a delicious headfuck. Buried deep within the layers of this remarkable record is poetry; poetry and courage, and an innate ability to connect at a deep and very human level.”