Back At It!


Things have been quiet here at the Altos’ website. We played music for a movie over a year ago, and then there is just silence?! Have we given up? What happened? Where have we been? Did one soundtrack take it out of us? Although this website might give the impression of intense slacking, we have actually been incredibly busy. We wrote a bunch of songs. Then we played them into space-age recording machines. These recordings were “mixed.” They were also “mastered.” They will be available this winter. But this Saturday, October 11th, in the year of our lord two-thousand and fourteen, we will be performing many of these new songs in public for the very first time. With new members and special guests! This will happen at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 10pm Central Standard Time. The mighty Scrimshaw will also perform. We are excited. We are nervous. Many of us are having trouble sleeping. This is a big deal for us. Consider gracing us with your presence.