Please Join Us in Spring Green!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015, we will be playing a very special show at the Shitty Barn in Spring Green, Wisconsin. You can get tickets right here.

Granted, we almost always say that our shows will be very special. And while that is never a lie, in this case, it is most especially not a lie.

So first of all, Chris Rosenau will also be performing, doing the solo set he performed at the Eaux Claires Festival and at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee earlier this year. If you saw either of those, you know you want to see it again. And if you didn’t, then you most definitely want to see it. And Jon Mueller will be joining him on drums. So that should be enough reason to get you there.

Not quite sure why you didn’t stop at that last paragraph and go buy tickets, but we can offer a second reason. Spring Green is a beautiful place, and the Shitty Barn is the most beautiful place within that beautiful place. (Sorry Taliesin, but it’s true.) We always have a lovely and debaucherous time there, and you can stand around in the grass with us before and after the show, and we can all hang out and eat food and drink beer (that last bit only applies to the 21+ crowd of course).

We don’t understand exactly why you are still reading this and not off at that link above buying tickets, but here is a third reason to go. As we gaze ahead at our Alto Calendartm, we see nothing on the horizon. No shows whatsoever. Someone may ask us to do something that sounds really amazing sometime soon, but we have no way of predicting that. In fact, there is a good chance we may hibernate, make a record, and not play in public for quite a while after this. So if you want to see this set, you’d better get to Spring Green on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Doors are at 6. Bedtime is never.