Sing (for trouble)

WE OWE EACH OTHER,                             WE LOOK THE SAME


FOR WHAT IT MATTERS,                             “ALL ENDS WELL”

SING! SING! FOR TROUBLE!!                                    SING EASY



never named


Him vs. Hymn

when we could carry they’d give us a gun
we sang hymns for the buried and kick for the drum
like we never believed em, and couldn’t be won
we were stronger than ever, and everyone

when we could walk they’d march us along
we marched for the heavens and marched for the sun
we knew to be quick, we knew to be brave
we’d fight them forever, and everyday

and if we grow old you should cut off our hands
throw halos on mountains and murder the band
and low below the gravel and snow
we stripped to our bones and then grow



Yoy, aren’t we connected?